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Community Service - Fuel saving tips...

Every gallon of fuel saved from simple changes in driving and buying habits is FREE FUEL! Follow these easy to understand tips and SAVE MONEY!

Selects retail locations using a search by state/province, then zip/postal code.  You click on the state/province on a North American map.  Please remember ENRAM
for bringing this opportunity to save real money, today!

 Best Local Gasoline Prices - by Gas Buddy
Find Best Local Gas Prices - by Gas Buddy

Finds my vehicle's EPA estimated highway and city Miles Per Gallon (MPG) using vehicle YEAR and MODEL including such items as LS, XLT, etc. to more accurately match the vehicle to the estimated MPG.

 Average EPA Fuel Economy (MPG)
Find MPG By Vehicle

Find cheap gasoline near you   - by mapquest
Find cheap gas - by mapquest

Provides general tips on how to save gas mileage and increase MPG on most vehicles rather than a specific model.

 Tips to Save Gas Mileage
Find Gas Saving Tips

Finds hybrid vehicles by year.  Compares cars, SUVs and trucks for MPG, the cost to drive 25 miles, miles on a tank of gas, annual fuel cost, and engine specifications, etc.  

Provides other alternative energy vehicle types, tax incentives, etc.  ENRAM supports any government efforts to aid development of energy alternatives because today private enterprise has difficulties finding robust economics on alternatives to fossil fuels.

 Compare Hybrid Vehicles
Compare Hybrid Vehicles

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Shows benefits of taking fuel economy improvement seriously.  You can save money, resources and help provide security for your country - not bad for just a little effort.  ENRAM believes we can all do our part and collectively have a major impact on energy security.

 Improve Fuel Economy
Improve Fuel Economy


Explains how to calculate MPG for a vehicle and provides a log for tracking gas station fill-ups and miles traveled.  This is not difficult, and can be fun - Try it and see!  GOVERNMENT REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED - simply click on Calculate MPG link.

 How To Calculate MPG
Learn How To Calculate MPG
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Provides explanation of potential differences between the EPA's estimated average MPG for the vehicle model and the actual MPG I may experience with my own vehicle.

 Why Gas Miles Per Gallon (MPG) May Vary
Find How MPG May Vary

Provides printout of Fuel Economy Guides for the last few years.  Just click on the model year that matches your vehicle. 

 Fuel Economy Guides
Fuel Economy Guides
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