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Projects & Capabilities - Experience, capabilities, and some previous projects...

The following projects are only a sampling of the work to provide an understanding of ENRAM's range of capabilities. Therefore, it should not be viewed as the limit of ENRAM's skill set.  ENRAM's investment, trade, and broker activities are excluded from this list. 
See About UsProducts & Services, and the Management Profile for further information on our capabilities. The below Decision Support Services provided to clients are presented in a way that protects the identity of all parties [privacy - no reselling of client information - is one of ENRAM's strategic values]:


Some Sample Projects and Capabilities

  • Reviewed fuel and hybrid vehicle procurement process for a transportation fleet - The project required the development of a new fuel procurement strategy and process, general terms & conditions, and an economic evaluation model.  The process resulted in significant savings for fleet operations, and a retained, but satisfied fuel supplier.  Suppliers were never aware of the advisory.
  • Program partner audited university's utilities and identified material savings - The project required the review of complex billings of electric power, natural gas, water and sewer; and a rigorous plan of cost management over a multi-year period.  Our partner assured no cost for the discovery process, and a reasonable financial workout.
  • Partner sold 100% bio-based absorbents to major airline willing to buy all production - The project required demonstrations and proof of both the higher absorbency and environmental soundness (landfill versus hazardous waste disposal after use).

  • Reviewed fuel procurement bids for fixed base operator's (FBO) business - The project involved determining the strategic pillars of the FBO business, how to properly execute a fuel procurement strategy, the general terms and requirements for the fuel and other services bid, and business analysis of the proposals received - in a highly confidential and timely manner. The project resulted in the FBO changing suppliers to a more capable and willing strategic partner. 
  • Improved energy efficient and effective "green" program for a transport firm Involved a cost effectiveness analysis of all current "green" programs, and the development of a new and improved program.  The firm benefited from marketing cache of a "green" program, at a reasonable cost, as well as the cost savings from the programs implemented. 
  • Advised government officials in the principles of leadership and ethics - The project involved teaching the language of ethics and the tools to demonstrate effective leadership - particularly when working through ethical dilemmas.  Officials worked in teams tackling documented cases and local problems where strong ethics codes and leadership could have saved resources and human health.  
  • Presented a view of energy markets to business and institutional parties - The presentation involved the review of various "Peak Oil" projections, and dealing with the outcome from inadequate energy supply when and if "peak oil" happens. The view included determining mutual benefits for both suppliers and consumers of energy, particularly if policies are properly developed and executed using not only practicality and incentives, but other levers that impact market psychology and thus, prices.
  • Helped develop terms, strategy and economics for energy industry venture - The successful implementation required agreement across supply, logistics, trading, sales, customer fulfillment and credit.  Structured and performed due diligence for the venture, coordinated supply, technical and sales teams, and finally, the roll-out plans including communications materials.
  • Developed proposal for major lubricants supplier's bid to win a large customer contract - Included distillation of input from key sales, marketing, technical and financial departments into a comprehensive, stimulating final offer.  The successful bid required responses to hundreds of rigorous questions in a way that demonstrated competency and experience in delivering the required supplies to fulfill customer needs.  The bid incorporated savings across many business segments in the form of vehicle maintenance, pricing flexibility, cross-marketing and shared services. The ultimate customer and competitors never knew of this advisory. 
  • Worked jointly with firm's leadership team to review performance of energy supplier - Project required developing a means of generating income in the final business quarter to reach annual targets.  The project involved development, collection, analysis and prioritizing of performance improvement ideas, then overseeing the successful execution of those ideas. 
  • Performed a market entry study for a potential supplier of marine fuels - including the evaluation of market costs, suppliers and competitors.  The supplier ultimately decided to not enter the market due to the lack of a profitable supply cost basis.  The project involved analysis of historical and current pricing relationships, differentials off market indices, suppliers and competitors.
  • Workout of inter-company trade imbalances and transfer prices for major energy firm - required careful analysis and effective negotiation.  Often companies let these imbalances fester while people move on and information gets lost.  Periodically it makes good business sense to clear these trades for the overall good of inter-departmental relations and/or when costs and benefits can be taken or are needed to meet performance targets. 
  • Acquisition Strategy and Economic Analysis worked jointly with the leadership team of a multinational company to develop a strategy to review proposed asset sales of a competing firm, including the development of a risk management process to acquire only the best assets deemed environmentally safe in a very condensed time frame. 
  • Evaluated Airline/General Aviation regional fuel business portfolios for energy firma process that improved the overall strength of the business portfolio for the firm, and required a full cost build-up, the dropping of some unprofitable business, a strategy for building the profitable business volume, and assessment of B2C and B2B channels of trade.

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Risk Management, Systems Thinking, Learning from Texas City Explosion, BP Texas City Refinery Explosion, CSB video "Anatomy of a Disaster", Learning from "Anatomy of a Disaster", CSB, BP, BP Texas City, BP Texas City Refinery, Texas City Explosion, Plant Safety, Safety is everybody's job
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Noorani interview: application to 2005 Texas City explosion using 2008 CSB Review..fast forward to 4:45 to skip introductions, and watch on desktop PC for best viewing

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