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Executive Summary - ENRAM...

General Offer
In summary, we sell and invest in energy and environmental related products, programs, and services.  Today, Energy Resource Americas, or ENRAM, provides management solutions via Decision Support Services and Products to business, government, and institutional B2B clients.  Clients save energy and environmental related costs; learn specialized insights into markets; and improve marketing, sales, and supply operations. 

   "We seek projects across many energy spaces..." 

ENRAM can invest in energy and environmental related businesses, and can assist clients in alternative energy and environmental ventures. We seek projects across many energy and environmental spaces; and will invest in new ways to
save your costs and minimize your risks. Learn more about us.

Strategy Support
Strategy Support
Products, Programs, and Services               
Some energy and environmental related products, programs, and services include Decision Support Services; Bio-based Fuel & Oil Spill Absorbents; product development and marketing; procurement and bid support; risk management review; supply chain process improvement; energy cost review; fuel market rsearch; and brokering (see Products and Services for a more detailed list).  Special Projects and Capabilities can be reviewed as examples of our past work- developed and tailored to fulfill the client's specialized needs.

Partnerships and Alliances 
Energy Resource will consider alliances with like-minded partners who share our Strategic Values, to help support projects, resulting in a comprehensive network approach to serving each customer's unique needs.

   "Energy Resource will consider alliances with like-minded partners..." 


Future Focus

ENRAM plans to expand investment in energy and environmental related businesses, new products and services for B2B customers, potential consumer offers, and the alternative energy and environmental market. We will work with clients and partners to help define these opportunities - the goal being to invest in companies, assets, products, programs, and services that customers need and value, to make them more efficient, cost effective and profitable.

Energy Alternatives for the Americas
Energy Alternatives for the Americas

See Executive Summary, our Products & Services, Capabilities, & Management. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or project ideas.

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