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Energy Security for the Americas
Strategic Assets

The world never stops growing. The Americas need to consider energy more as a strategic asset than a commodity. Incremental energy demand is surpassing supply, and that means rising energy costs and market volatility. As Boone Pickens once said, "America is in a hole and it's getting deeper every day."

The more we depend on foreign oil, the greater our debt and trade imbalances grow. At some point we begin reluctantly compromising to those who carry our debt and built the trade imbalances.

Let's work together on multiple fronts, and develop an arsenal of energy sources from conservation, wind, solar, hydrogen, bio and other sources - some yet to be discovered. New energy assets help the Americas bridge to a more sustainable energy portfolio.

However, let's not leave out our most abundant strategic resources - very clean-burning natural gas, CNG, LPG, oil (yes, drilling on land and under our seas), nuclear and responsible coal use. We can never eliminate hydrocarbons and nuclear in our lifetime without badly hurting our economic security, and our way of life.

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