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Brian Blazina, President & CEO, ENRAM

Management Profile

ENRAM's President and CEO, Brian Blazina, has over 25 years of business leadership experience including P&L ownership at the GM, Business Development Manager, Regional Business Segment Leader, Country Segment Manager, President, and CEO levels in the energy industry.  He formerly worked at Castrol, Air BP, BP, Standard Oil, Sohio, Ford, and P&G. 
Brian's functional background includes:  sales and marketing; trading and control; supply and distribution operations; new business development; organizational transformation; JV due diligence and execution; acquisitions and divestitures; corporate governance; strategy development and execution; general management; and decision support services.
He has also served the community as Chairman of the American Cancer Society's annual Walk & Roll fundraising event in Chicagoland, where 4000 plus participants raise money to help those suffering from cancer and to cure cancer.  ENRAM has helped build playgrounds for under-privileged kids; supported clean energy initiatives like the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition; and sponsored secondary school and university fundraising events. 
Brian has guest-lectured in graduate management schools at universities in the U.S. and Asia, on Supply Chain Management, Leadership & Ethics, Marketing, Strategic Management, Project Management, IT Management, and Transportation.  Guest speaking includes leadership topics for student-athletes, Executive MBA students, and businesses.
He has an undergraduate business degree from Kent State University (Computer and Management Sciences double major).  As a student-athlete he learned from accomplished football coaches Nick Saban and Don James.  Brian earned an MBA from Ahuja School of Business at CSU Cleveland (Marketing); and EDP from Kellogg School of Management (Executive Development Program - Leadership).

"...assuming the death of hydrocarbons...may actually prolong their use and raise their prices"

His background prepared him well for ENRAM, a company founded on the idea that harder-to-find resources; and increasing exploration, production, regulation, supply and distribution costs ultimately raise energy costs.  "Expensive energy kills businesses.  Energy prices may plunge on occasion, but low prices cure low prices, making the long-term outlook volatile, with rising prices.  In some ways those calling for or assuming the death of hydrocarbons for energy production, may actually prolong their use and raise their prices," he says.
In summary Brian adds, "Let ENRAM help you save energy costs; fix supply chain management and trade workout problems; market your energy-related products and services; or manage other project needs via our Decision Support Services.  We operate like your employees and never sell your information.  Learn more about us.  Maybe we can help you make more money or save more costs.  Feel free to contact us anytime, to schedule a free introductory consultation."

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