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                                              Energy Resource Americas

Welcome to Energy Resource Americas


Who We Are

Energy Resource Americas, or ENRAM, is a leader in developing energy and environmental solutions for B2B clients buying, selling, or producing related products and services.  Clients include large and small companies; suppliers and distributors; producers and commercial-industrial customers in transportation, manufacturing, education, government, and other institutions.  ENRAM - in operation since 2006 - can invest in projects, review/develop bids, research markets, manage risk, re-engineer supply chains, develop strategies, and broker deals.

What We Do
We provide energy and environmental solutions.  Key areas of focus include decision support services and products, like new product support, optimization of current expenditures, advising to maximize return on investment, and green programs - like 100% bio-based fuel & oil spill absorbents; a utility savings program; procurement & bid support; supply chain assessments; sales & marketing reviews; market education; risk management; and project investment.  ENRAM provides the highest quality of service and flexibility on projects.  Unlike other firms, we are not married to any one source, product, or service, but open to explore options for your best solutions - together with you.  We do not sell your information - you can trust us like your own employees.
Where We Operate     
We provide innovative management solutions primarily in the Americas, but have capabilities to service globally if the needs and timing work. For example, we can broker deals in the Americas on behalf of foreign investors. In North America, we can provide single-day response, traveling to your office, working the project on-site, or via remote service as required.  Whatever your related products and services' needs may be; wherever you operate; you can count on ENRAM's experience and specialized skills to help streamline your operation, lower your costs, and make your business more efficient, effective, and profitable.

                                               Relationships Count
Relationships Count
Our Straight Forward Strategic Values
    ♦  Deliver Tangible Value-Added Services To Clients 
      Respect Clients, Partners, Employees and Family 
      Promote Health, Safety, Security, and Environment 
      Inspire Innovation, Education, and Learning 
    ♦  Protect Customer Information Forever

    ...we succeed if we maintain these values

Decision support services to help clients save time and energy.
Manage Price Risks
Deep Professional Leadership Experience
Clients get the benefit of our independent analysis and management experience from successful projects and capabilities.  Our company and partner network is a highly diverse team, with over 30 years experience in all areas of supply operations and sales & marketing - ready to serve you. 
From one perspective, human resources are more limited than ever today.  Large and small organizations continuously optimize the work force to serve primarily the day-to-day business needs, but often do not have the resources to perform one-off business critical projects like energy management reviews or a supply chain management assessment. 
ENRAM can do these projects to the senior leadership's specifications - because we work for you.

"...too internally focused on organizational initiatives to properly develop new external business opportunities - not an ideal use of talent, resulting in less success..."

Alternatively, "to get the work done", mission-critical resources are too often internally focused on organizational initiatives to properly develop new external business opportunities - not an ideal use of talent, resulting in less success.  ENRAM can also perform these special operations, so you can focus your workforce on their current job functions - getting and satisfying customers.    

Your Information Security is Assured

All Client, Partner and Customer information remains confidential.  WE DO NOT SELL INSIDE INFORMATION.  We do not list clients on our web site or discuss their projects and strategies with other clients.  This approach does not rule out a competitor analysis project, but those projects are performed with existing public data and from-scratch inquiries to key industry sources - never from inside information gleaned from another client.  Our clients understand and appreciate this unique approach.  

Chicago Energy

Our Main Office Located in Chicagoland
ENRAM's main office is located within a few hours of most population centers.  Most face-to-face meetings can be covered in a one day turnaround.  We can come to you, or direct a local network partner to you.  Most projects can be executed remotely without travel - our technology can deliver results when you need them.  Emergency "special operations" projects are a top skill set.  See contact details above for a free introductory consultation.  See contact details for a free consultation.

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Products & Services, sample Projects & Capabilities, and Management.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or project ideas.

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