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Utility Savings Program - Electric power, natural gas, water and sewer cost savings

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Utility Savings Program - Electric Power, Natural Gas, Water & Sewer Savings !
Save Electric Power Costs


Overview - The Electric Power, Natural Gas, Water & Sewer Industries

  • Current state Public Utility Commission (PUC) regulations and utility company rates do not require monitoring for errors on customer bills.             

  • Utility service companies make customer billing mistakes, like computation errors and incorrect rates.           

  • Some states in the USA, and provinces in Canada, allow for up to three years "look-back" of customer billings - in some cases penalties and interest apply to the supplier on the value of billing errors.         

  • Most federal/state energy rebate programs are not advertised and require significant red tape to process.          

  • Most utility service companies offer Demand Side Management Programs that can significantly reduce customers' usage costs.            

  • Utility companies are not required to offer the most cost effective rates or Demand Side Management Programs.        

  • Deregulation of the natural gas industry and electric power industry can allow customers to get significant cost savings by using alternative sources.    


Solutions - Utilities Review Process

  • We will work with consulting services firms to provide your company experienced and skilled professionals capable of analyzing the current services provided as well as offer tailored solutions to save you significant utilities' costs.   

  • These firms stay current on the current rules and regulations related to your utility rates for electric power, natural gas, water & sewer rates and costs.   

  • One of these firms will analyze your monthly bills for incorrect rates and errors, then negotiate with your current suppliers for a refund, and assure you are placed on the correct program for your business.               

  • We work with consulting services firms that charge nothing for the discovery process; offer various methods of sharing any savings discovered; help assure that utility companies get future billings right; and work with customers to assure minimal impact on customer cash flow - such as using forward period workouts depending on the customer's needs.       

  • The consulting services firm and the utility customer sign an agreement for the duration of the project, authorization agreements only to allow access to customer information, and a confidentiality agreement to assure any related customer information is never disclosed without legal recourse for the client.   

Save Natural Gas Costs
Save Water & Sewer Costs

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