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Peak Oil - Is the world running out of oil supply?...

Potential Disruptive Energy Market Events and Alternatives

Peak Oil Theories, Studies and Players
VIDEO #1 (above): A cartoon depicting a hypothetical downturn in oil production     
VIDEO #2 (above): Matt Simmons and John Kilduff Discuss the GAO Report; Ramifications of a Plateauing Oil Supply    
VIDEO #3 (above): Boone Pickens discusses early plans for wind power and other ideas to help secure American Energy   

Peak oil views, news and information:
As an introduction to the idea, imagine, if you will, a bell curve where the peak is in the middle, and represents the point where 50% of all production has played out.  Assume the latest technology, innovation and wealth is thrown at the problem over and over again, in waves of progress.  After that peak at the top of the curve, no matter what happens next, the decline accelerates. Big discoveries have less impact. Thus a peak now reached; the big opportunities played out; the quality of oil discovered declines; the cost of exploration, production and delivery accelerates, etc.  If this can happen in the USA, then why not the rest of the world?  Something worth thinking about and a highly debated subject. Watch the following video for a quick briefing on the subject:
Video on basics of peak oil - call it "Peak Oil for dummies" -- as another angle for understanding the issue.  

Other Resources (more detailed information): 
Peak Oil News and Message Boards on the Depletion of Hydrocarbons         
House Session - Roscoe Bartlett (R) Maryland 6th district - Presentation on US Energy Supply (references to M. King Hubbert and Hyman Rickover):
   * Peak Oil Part 1 (video)          

   * Peak Oil Part 2 (video)                
   * Peak Oil Part 3 (video)               
   * Transcript - Admiral Rickover's 1957 speech on energy written into Congressional record marking 50th anniversary   
Energy Bulletin Aug 12 2008 by staff - re 1957 speech by Hyman Rickover and 1956 speech by M. King Hubbert          
In 1956, M. King Hubbert Predicted US Production Peak in 1970, and was right on the money: 
M. King Hubbard Oct. 5, 1903 - October 11th, 1989 - "Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know."    
M. King Hubbert Peak Theory (summarized)
M. King Hubbert tribute 1   
M. King Hubbert tribute 2     
M. King Hubbert Wikipedia    

In 1957, Admiral Hyman Rickover, spoke on energy supply:
FOR RELEASE AT 7:00 P.M. TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1957 -- Remarks Prepared by Rear Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, USN   
Video -- part of the Rickover speech with slides     
Hyman Rickover Wikipedia

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