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Products & Services - Absorbents; decision support services...

New 100% Bio-Based Fuel & Oil Spill Absorbents & Pads...NO HAZARDOUS WASTE or DUST...Contact ENRAM at 630-780-3020 or absorbents@enram.com for more information
100% Bio-Based Absorbent for small spills, green oil and fuel absorbents, no hazardous waste disposal needed, non-hazardous spill cleanup
For small fuel & oil spills
100% Bio-Based Absorbent for small spills, green oil and fuel absorbents, no hazardous waste disposal needed, non-hazardous spill cleanup
For large fuel & oil spills

Solutions for Companies, Governments, and Institutions
(for buyers and sellers)

Energy Resource offers a wide range of professional services and products primarily for energy-related needs of businesses, from basic independent analysis to strategy development, from program design to implementation, from process improvement to on-going program maintenance, from spill absorbents and pads to fuel brokering.
Note that all services and products are provided with highest degree of confidentiality. The client can trust us as their own employees.  We do not share your information, your name, nor the project details with any other clients or third parties. Your secrets are safe with ENRAM, forever - committed to in writing.

Decision Support Services

 (for energy and petroleum products buyers)

  - Utility Savings Program - power/natgas/water/sewer savings
  - Products Tender Support - review/develop/execute
  - Procurement Process - supply assessment, improvement
  - Procurement Strategy - review, improvement, development
  - Tender Recommendations for Improvement 
  - Act As/For Buyer - during product tender process
  - Risk Management Assessment 
  - Energy and Petroleum Products Market Presentations
  - Due Diligence Support 
  - Supply/Demand Analysis 
  - Brokering (Aligning Suppliers with Buyers)
  - Fleet Fuel Buying
Green Programs  see Absorbents ad this page
 (for energy & petroleum products sellers) 

  - Supplier Bid Support - review, development, or execution
  - Supplier Bid Process - review, assessment, or development 
  - Act As/For Supplier - during products bid process
  - Sales Strategy - review and recommendations
  - Sales Strategy Development - execution, measurement 
  - Supply/Demand Analysis
  - Energy Market Presentations - review and analysis
  - Energy and Fuel Marketing Strategy Review 
  - Cost Effective "Green" Marketing Guidance
  - Marketing Programs Review and Support  
  - Value Added Services at Effective Cost 
  - Green Programs Development and/or Support
  - Due Diligence Support
  - Contracts Review
  - Smart Pricing 
 (for energy buyers and sellers)

  - Logistics Review
  - Supply/Demand Balancing     
  - Risk Management Review
  - Supply Contracts Review
  - Fuel Management for Fleets
  - Inventory Management
  - Economic Analysis of New Opportunities
  - Order to Delivery Process Improvement
 (for buyers and sellers)

  - Business Analysis
  - Trading and Control Support
  - Risk Management Review
  - Income Improvement Analysis
  - Business Process Improvement
  - Performance Analysis and Metrics
  - Economic Evaluation
  - Emergency Trade Position Workout

Creative Problem Solving
save energy = save money
Savings & Revenue from New Solutions
Supply Chain Services
Supply Chain Services

Decision Support Services also offered:

 (for buyers and sellers)

  - Leadership and Ethics Programs 
  - Corporate Training Services  
  - Green Programs Training
  - Marketing Management 
  - Effective Negotiating  
  - Customer Fulfillment
  - Successful Business Portfolio Management 
  - Supply Chain Management and Coordination 
  - Risk Management Principles 
  - Economic Evaluation  
  - Working Capital Management 
  - Inventory Management 
 (for buyer and seller management)

  - Efficient and Effective Decision Making -- in partnership with
    Powerful Methods and Dr. Noorani. Modern Systems -
    Thinking can save an organization millions of dollars from
    good risk management. See ad at bottom of this page for
    more information on Powerful Methods and Dr. Noorani's
    new book. See Systems-Thinking: R
eal Life
Application -
Interview - Dr. Hamid Noorani applies to 2005 Texas City
    Explosion using CSB Review
) ...Forward to 4:45 to skip
    introductions. Watch on laptop/desktop for best viewing.

    see "Systems-Thinking and Disaster" promo this page
 - Risk Management Analysis and/or Review
 - Management Support (projects/analysis/due diligence)
 - B. of D. Support (projects/analysis/due diligence)

 - Active Management or B. of D. Member (time permitting) 
 - Management Initiatives Development and Execution 
 - Due Diligence Support 
 - Capital Project Analysis 
 - Economic Evaluation  
 - Energy Market Impact on Forward Business  
 - Litigation Support   

 - Mergers and Acquisitions Support 
 - Planning for Future Energy Cost Environment

 (for buyers and sellers)

 - Energy Cost Review (to find potential value gaps)
 - Fuel Market Analysis (to assess competitiveness)
 - Energy Market Analysis (to assess risks to business)
 - Inventory Analysis (for savings & control)
 - Project Management (special projects)
 - Inter-Company Reconciliations (trade between departments)
 - Profit & Loss Trade Channel Analysis (market entry/exit)
 - Energy Efficiency Evaluations (facilities, equipment, etc.)
 - Environmental Control Services (devices, procedures, etc.)
 - Advisory Services (from leadership to energy management)
 - Airport Management Services (fuel, pricing, etc.)
 - Aviation Marketing Services Consulting (primarily fuel related)
 - Facility Design/Construction Consulting (for low energy cost)
 - Fuel Marketing Services (for most profitable outcomes)
 - Energy Management (fuel, lubes, natural gas, power, etc.)
 - Other services determined via working with the client 

ENRAM Risk Management Services
Risk Management Services
New Strategic Options
ENRAM High Energy Customer Fulfillment From Professional Leaders, Partners and Networks
Fulfillment Leaders, Partners, & Networks
Risk Management, Systems Thinking, Learning from Texas City Explosion, BP Texas City Refinery Explosion, CSB video "Anatomy of a Disaster", Learning from "Anatomy of a Disaster", CSB, BP, BP Texas City, BP Texas City Refinery, Texas City Explosion, Plant Safety, Safety is everybody's job
Brian Blazina
Must see interview for Leaders:
"Systems-Thinking and Disaster"

In this segment we attribute lessons that could have been applied in preventing The Texas City Refinery Explosion revealed in a video by the United States Chemical Safety Board (CSB), “Anatomy of a Disaster”.  Dr. Hamid 'Hank' Noorani, the author of "POWER-The Modern Doctrine" and "Rational Decision-Making" is interviewed in this segment by Brian Blazina, CEO, Energy Resource Americas (ENRAM).

Risk Management, Systems Thinking, Learning from Texas City Explosion, BP Texas City Refinery Explosion, CSB video "Anatomy of a Disaster", Learning from "Anatomy of a Disaster", CSB, BP, BP Texas City, BP Texas City Refinery, Texas City Explosion, Plant Safety, Safety is everybody's job
Dr. Hank Noorani
Powerful Methods Inc., Leadership Training and Education, Ethics, Systems-Thinking: Concepts, Principles, & Applications of the Modern Scientific Philosophy, POWER - The Modern Doctrine, Rational Decision-Making, and Organizations, Risk Management, Corporate Governance

Dr. Noorani is the Founder and President of Powerful Methods Inc., whose mission is “To develop a new generation of leaders who serve the world by inspiring ordinary people to produce extraordinary results.” Hank’s passion for Systems-Thinking has become his life’s work for over 40 years. His diverse global perspectives offer the gift of hope and practicality at the same time.
The Modern Doctrine and Systems-Thinking help manufacturing and other sector companies, leaders and employees to be more efficient, effective, safe and profitable. During this interview we have the opportunity to discuss the real-life application to a real-life incident of March 23, 2005. This was the largest, most comprehensive investigation undertaken by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board.
Efficient and effective decision making via Modern Systems-Thinking, in partnership with Powerful Methods, can save your organization $ millions.  Dr. Hamid Noorani's new book, Systems-Thinking: Concepts, Principles, & Applications of the Modern Scientific Philosophy via Amazon's Kindle Digital Publishing, includes a trilogy of prior book topics including: POWER: The Modern Doctrine, Rational Decision-Making, and Organizations. See a real life Systems-Thinking application of "POWER: The Modern Doctrine" by Dr. Hamid Noorani:


Noorani interview: application to 2005 Texas City explosion using 2008 CSB Review..fast forward to 4:45 to skip introductions, and watch on desktop PC for best viewing

Modern Systems-Thinking: Concepts, Principles, & Applications of the Modern Scientific Philosophy, Powerful Methods Inc., Amazon's Kindle Digital Publishing, POWER - The Modern Doctrine, Rational Decision-Making, and Organizations, www.powerful methods.com, www.enram.com, ENRAM partner, Energy Resource Americas partner, Energy Resources America, Energy Resources Americas, Risk Management, Ethics, Corporate Governance, Institutional Governance
Get the book - Amazon

Decision Support Services
offered in the following areas...continued:

Primarily serving energy product areas:

    - Jet Fuel
    - Diesel Fuel
    - Heating Oil
    - Gasoline
    - Aviation Gasoline 
    - Lubricants
    - Crude Oil
    - Gas Liquids
    - Other energy feed stocks and chemicals


Other energy product areas served:   

    - Natural Gas
    - Residual Fuel
    - Coal
    - Solar  
    - Wind 
    - Renewables
    - Water
    - Electric
    - Other Alternative Energy (example, Hydrogen)

Investment and/or participation in following:

    - Energy business equity positions
    - New energy saving products/services
    - Alternative energy such as biofuels, etc.
    - Serve on B of D for small to mid-sized firms  (limited)

Non-energy projects OK, if skills/resources fit

Save your time, energy and money

Your time is best devoted to your core day-to-day business. Let ENRAM handle your internal business-critical projects, so you and front-line staff can continue building relationships and new business -- Save Your Energy. Learn more about us.  See some of our past projects and capabilities.

Contact us for a free consultation about your current needs, or a higher level relationship where ENRAM becomes your independent provide
r of the Decision Support Services above on this page.   

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ENRAM Transportation and Logistics
Transportation and Logistics

See our Executive Summary; learn About Us; our Products & Services; some Projects & Capabilities; and Management.           

Feel free to contact us with any questions or project ideas.

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